Your automatically updated source for scene-releases

  • What is the password for the archives?
  • The password for extracting the archives is always "scenedownloads" without quotes!

  • How to use the search function?
  • If you want to find a specific release, just insert the full release name in the search field and hit enter.
    Don't use quotes in the search. Otherwise you will not be able to view more than 50 search results.
    If you want to find all releases which include "a" AND "b" search for "a b".
    If you want to find all releases which do NOT include "a" search for "!a".
    If you want to find all releases which include "a" AND, OR "b" search for "a/b" (just use a "/" instead of a space).
    If you want to find all music releases of a specific genre, enter "genre|". To find releases from multiple genres search for "genre1|/genre2|"
    Optional you can select an entry from the dropdown to only search in the selected category.

  • How long do you need to provide a release after pre?
  • Usually a few minutes.
    You can view the exact time difference for most releases, when you hover the cursor over the Added collumn and dont move it for a second.

  • What are these .srr files you include in your uploads?
  • These files can be used to recreate the original scene archives from the extracted files. You can simply ignore or delete them if you do not need this feature.
    Follow this link for more information:

  • Why did you add a XXX category? I don't want to see this stuff!
  • Visit All porn is filtered out at this subdomain.

  • My question was not answered in the FAQ.
  • Write the question to [email protected]